One Side Coated Paper

We can offer you Chromo paper or 1 side coated paper if you have any requirement pls contact us. We can arrange for samples as per your request. Paper used for Printing lables, notebook wrappers, soap wrappers, poly coated for sugar pouches.

Bible paper

A lightweight offset paper available in 30-55gsm commonly used for printing large books such as the Bible or the Quran

Release Liners

Release Liners are a group of paper encompassing Glassine, Clay Coated Kraft (CCK) and Super Calendared Kraft (SCK). These are available in 60-120gsm and are ideal for any end use involving adhesive.

Metallised paper

Metallised paper is coated one side in a metal substance. Its wet strength traits and low grammage (60-80gsm) make it ideal for bottle labels.

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