Our company and operations

NCube International Inc is trading & distributing company of Prime & Job-lot / Stock lot paper distibuting it world wide, mainly in the Indian Subcontinent, and we are constantly developing our presence in new markets across the world. Including North Africa.

NCube International Inc aspires to be your trusted supply chain partner in the paper & paper products industry. We have established ourselves as trusted associates to major consumers of papers to the Indian sub continent & far East.

NCube International Inc supplies almost all grades of paper both stocklot and prime paper including office papers, commercial printing and publishing papers, packaging papers and speciality grades of papers.

Some of the various grades of papers are:

1. Packaging

  1. Folding box board / FBB (GC1, GC2, GC3)
  2. Solid Bleached Sulphate / SBS
  3. Cup Board / Cup Stock

2. Printing

  1. Woodfree Uncoated (WFU / UWF offset)
  2. Woodfree Coated (WFC) Art paper matt / gloss
  3. Medium weight Coated (MWC)

3. Speciality Grades

  1. Bible Paper
  2. Release Liners
  3. Metalized Papers
  4. Coated One Side Papers (CIS)

4. Stocklot Papers

  • Stocklot papers are the mixed amount and qualities of paper left over, due to our production problems or the results of a cancelled order.
  • We offer stocklot in printing, packaging C2S, C1S and a variety of different specific grades of paper, as well as stocklot board and stocklot paper rolls.

Why us

Flexibility and Responsibility

Over the years with our experience,we communicate fast we bridge the gap between our suppliers and our overseas customers.

  • For our suppliers,we help them to sell their products in their targeting
    overseas markets,in the way they need.
  • For our customers we act as a local supplier for them, speaking
    their language, understanding their needs for their business.
  • What we offer

    We can offer different kinds of pulp and paper with competitive pricing.We truly understand & value your needs. We offer a global safe and reliable business.

  • We offer daily solutions to your needs.
  • From pulp to all grades of paper,we have a large supplying system across Canada and U.S.A for overseas.