Woodfree uncoated (WFU/UWF/Offset)

Woodfree Uncoated paper, also known as offset paper, is available in many different grammages and often in different colours. We work with WFU paper and board from 30gsm to 400gsm. The lower grammages of this grade are ideal for fine book printing for the Bible and the Quran, while 75 and 80gsm are the ideal grammage for office printing and writing papers, including A4 copier paper. Higher grammage Woodfree uncoated products are often used for various boards and packaging goods, and for promotional items including business cards. The brightness of Woodfree uncoated can range from 90% to 110% and the most common end uses are for office printing and writing papers, books, stationary and promotional items.

Woodfree coated (WFC)/ Art paper

Woodfree coated paper, also commonly referred to as art paper or WFC paper is available from 80gsm to 400gsm. This grade is perfect for high end magazines, promotional items and stationary such as calendars. Woodfree coated paper comes in gloss, silk and matte finishes, and brightness levels tend to start at 90% +. The coating in this grade can be applied on one side (C1S) or both sides (C2S).

Medium weight coated (MWC)

Medium weight coated paper (MWC) is the higher grammage version of Lightweight Coated paper and is available from 70gsm to 90gsm, and high bright versions are available. Like LWC, MWC can be used on a rotogravure or offset machine, and this must be specified. MWC comes in silk, gloss and matt finishes and is used for various printing and promotional material.

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